JRC is looking for scientific research specialists

I forward you the link below with an announcement for vacancies in my organisation.
These vacancies are for permanent positions.
The procedure has two steps. This is the first.
Candidates that do not pass the first step will not be eligible for the second step.
In this first step a list of 20 candidates will be made.
These 20 can then apply to actual vacancies.
The actual vacancy for a specific post, for example ‘accelerator facility manager’, is the second step.

The request is quite generic and can therefore be spread widely.

However, I hope you can help us with persons with a PhD that are knowledgeable about accelerators and can lead the teams and developments at our two accelerators in Geel.
These are the 150 MeV electron accelerator GELINA and the 3.5 MV NEC tandem accelerator MONNET.

The application period opened last Friday 21 February and the deadline is 26 March 2019 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.

Some further information may be found using the following links.

One of the new lines of work that we want to pursue are studies for medical isotope production.